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    Fem Chela

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    Best Selling Hair Care Set for for natural hair, dry hair, and curly hair
    Best Selling Hair Care Set

    What you get when you buy the set

    All in One Organic Oil for natural hair dry hair and curly hair by fem chela. You can use it when sewing, braiding and dread locks
    All in One Oil for hair growth

    "All in One Oil" by Fem Chela is

    Best Leave in Conditioner for hair care
    Best Leave in Conditioner for hair care

    Fem Chela offer the best leave in Conditioner

    Best Pomade For Hair Growth

    Pomade Fem Chela come in an 8 Oz

    Fem Chela Hair Care conditioner is the best alternative way to take care of your natural hair, instead of using shampoo all the time. You can wash your hair with it every other third of fourth time.

    Important Info about Conditioner Fem Chela

    It comes in an 12 Oz container. Read all instruction carefully for the greatest experience ever on our Guidelines. Best if you keep it away from heat. Because of the different type of vitamins that the product contains, It may create another chemical reaction that is not what we offer to you when expose it to the heat. Best if used with together with Our Pomade, our All in One Oil and our Leave In Conditioner

    See our daughter’s curly hair for an example. Let us know how we do on Google

    After Using Fem Chela on My daughter's Hair


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