Fem Chela LLC


Best Selling Hair Care Set


Four products you will get when you buy the hair care set buy Fem Chela LLC

  • 1 Pomade
  • 1 Conditioner
  • 1 All in One Oil
  • 1 Leave in Conditioner

What you need to know About Natural Hair

When you want to go natural, there are some steps that you need to follow, so you can get better results. You need to wash your hair with conditioner first. Then, with a little bit of water in in it, you add some leave in conditioner. You will see some white effect in them while adding a little bit of our Pomade to braid them; it is normal.

Depend of what type of hair you have, you may use our All in One Oil to moisturize them (either once or twice a week). Finally, you repeat the process frequently if your they are damaged, or biweekly when they start to look ok; when your hair is good, you can do it once a month to let your hair grow quicker.

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with the whole hair care set of fem chela llc products

One year of growth after using the whole of fem chela llc products