All in One Oil for hair growth


This is the best product you can use for your hair growth. It has 100% organic base of essential oil to keep your hair healthy.

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    Fem Chela

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    Best Selling Hair Care Set for for natural hair, dry hair, and curly hair
    Best Selling Hair Care Set

    What you get when you buy the set

    All in One Organic Oil for natural hair dry hair and curly hair by fem chela. You can use it when sewing, braiding and dread locks
    All in One Oil for hair growth

    "All in One Oil" by Fem Chela is

    Best Leave in Conditioner for hair care
    Best Leave in Conditioner for hair care

    Fem Chela offer the best leave in Conditioner

    Best Pomade For Hair Growth

    Pomade Fem Chela come in an 8 Oz

    “All in One Oil” by Fem Chela is a natural ointment, base with a large variety of essential oil for a healthy, long and beautiful hair For all hair types and textures; specially if you use it with our Pomade

    There are multiple ways to use All in One Oil

    • 💕A smooth oily drop for the best penetration to the scalp once a day everyday or every other day, and massage the scalp; this way, it will provide better results.
    • 💕Apply to the scalp everyday or every other day when wearing protective styles (sewing, braids, locks, etc…) and massage the scalp. This product works great with protective styles.
    • 💕 You can also deep conditioning with this product by applying it to your scalp and your hair on wash day, massage the scalp thoroughly cover with a plastic cap for a minimum of 2 to 3hours, or under some heat for 15mn. The longer the better. Then rinse your hair to remove the product and start your hair washing process with our Conditioner. When you done, apply our Pomade to help them grow

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