Fem Chela Hair care

We are a family base company who believe in the beauty of natural hair.  As we were born and raise in tradition, we want to do our best to leave a legacy for our children and grand children.

our history

What is Fèm Chela Hair Care?

Fem Chela Hair Care is a product that I created base on my own experience with my daughters. We have family tradition to keep natural hair even though we all do not stick to it. As I know to keep them healthy requires a lot a of work, I stated early with youngest daughter while I was experimenting different kind of product in my oldest daughter’s hair. Then I realize, over time, that everyone of them has different hair type and texture; therefore, each one required different treatment. I had to come up with something that can match all their hair regardless. After multiple tries, I finally created Fem Chela Hair Care which is an unique mixture that everybody who have naturel hair can use with a certain frequency. Depend on the type and texture of their hair and the level of your activities on a daily basis, they can use a frequency to alternate between Conditioner/Pomade, or Shampoo/Conditioner/Pomade. You just need to know what category that your hair is in. 

  • If you have oily hair naturally, you may need to shampoo your hair more often. 
  • For a dry hair, it is best to use conditioner instead of shampoo. Unless you have scalp, you may need to alternate them when you wash your hair. 

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After Using Fem Chela pomade and conditioner on My daughter's Hair
After Using Fem Chela pomade and conditioner on My daughter's Hair

My personal experience before Fem Chela pomade and conditioner

Years ago I got very devastated about how chemical products was damaging my hair. I cut my hair off and was determined to go all the way natural. This was a very challenging process. Between money, time, and energy, I was looking for the right product that will grow my hair naturally. Some amazing products was experimented; but there was always one or two ingredients in those products that was unhealthy for natural hair. After a while, I started doing my research. I learned a lot about natural hair type and different ingredients that were essential for them. As a result, I created a mixture that I have been using for almost three years now.

What Fem Chela Hair Care is made of?

This mixture is made of  a special shea butter, aloe vera and different types of natural oils that help me grow and retain 20 inches of my hair over time. Even though I saw the results on my own hair, I was still disbelief; I wanted to know if it was only profitable to my hair type. So, I started using it on all of my three daughters when I am taking care of their hair. I have been using it for more then 3 years now; the products work perfectly with a different frequency for each of them because my oldest daughter has dry hair while the last two others have soft ones. For a longtime, my husband saw the business opportunity in it, and he kept asking me to build a company so we can make everything legal. Finally, we have an agreement and launched Fem Chela LLC For the love of Natural Hair.